Essential Tips To Extend Car Engine Lifespan
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8 Essential Tips To Extend Car Engine Lifespan

Anything you have purchased, from any market you want to tend to last long. but it is necessary to take the best care of it. This is also true of cars. Normally the average age of a car is 14 years approx in scrap, and the average age of a car on the road is 9 years approx. Every owner wants their car as long as possible. To achieve this goal, you should go for regular car maintenance & checkup, it helps in extending the longevity of your vehicle components. You might not realize that the engine is the vital component of the vehicle that also ensures the vehicle’s longevity. Hence below we are going to discuss some key points that help in extending your car engine lifespan.

How can I improve the life of my car engine?

The engine is the most vital element of the car. It helps in providing us with a smooth ride. Hence it is necessary to keep the engine fit & functioning efficiently. Below we have discussed some advice & tips that add more value to your car engine longevity.

extend lifespan of car engine
  1. Drive smoothly & responsibly as you can:

Don’t drive your car like a racer. This type of driving behavior will directly affect your engine. Start the car smoothly and drive it slowly till the car reaches operating temperature, this technique reduces the pressure on the engine.

Change the gears very gently as you change the gear very fast And also, ignore resting your foot on the clutch pedal while shifting gears this can also damage the clutch plate quickly. You should not stop the car suddenly while driving at higher speeds. Also, you didn’t use sharp corners. These things put stress on all parts of your car.

  1. Change the Engine Oil regularly when it’s required:

Engine oil is the main part of an engine. It is like the backbone of your car. Whenever oil levels are low & oil is getting old, dark in color, and very grimy. However, it directly affects the moving parts of the engine when there is added friction and it eventually causes wear and tears to the engine. If engine oil changes rapidly before getting old it can help to run it smoothly.

According to the experts, engine oil needs to change every 4,000-5000 miles or every 4 to 6 months. So there is very little chance of engine damage.

  1. Change the filter regularly when it’s required:

Air filters, also a major part of a car engine and they should be replaced after 12000 miles regularly. You can do this task easily at your home with the help of a few tools. A dirty & dust full filter can negatively affect your gas mileage and also it reduces the engine performance so it’s important to change & clean the filter regularly.

  1. Don’t ignore or neglect the service maintenance of your car

Regular maintenance service will help to keep your car running smoothly and will save it from big damage and also save money. Regular service maintenance of a car also increases your car’s resale value and also extends its engine life. Your car’s recommended schedule also helps to ensure that you will get the full benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Some of the tasks which are included even in every service, like checks for oil and checks fluid leaks, how much the tire pressures is, and its condition, brake wear & wire, exhaust emissions, and the correct operation of the steering, checking of a gearbox, clutch plate, the suspension is working or not, proper lights, wipers and horn proper working or not.

  1. Inspect & Rotate the tires of your car

It is very necessary to avoid curbs and potholes while driving. Driving as smoothly as possible, checking the pressure of all tires regularly. It is the best way to increase the life of your tires. Inappropriate pressure will increase the possibility of damage to tires and may cause blowouts. Always remember the tire pressures of all the tires are different. Different for the front and rear tires.

Also according to the experts, the recommended rotation cycle of a tire is 6k-8k miles. The Rotation process of the tires involves moving the back tires to the front of the vehicle and new tires will be placed at the back and also from one side to the other side, it will help from uneven and premature tire wear problems and save some money also.

  1. Clean & wash your car

Washing and cleaning your car regularly can help to prevent a buildup of dirt and rust. This dust & dirt depends on the weather & the condition of the roads you drive on. If you are not regularly cleaning your car, you start to notice the rust on the car doors and windows and it also damages the interior. Washing and cleaning your car gives you a chance to inspect your vehicle regularly. Car cleaning helps in cleaning the car engine bay, which helps in enhancing the engine’s performance.

Waxing is also a good way to clean it from the outside and it should be done quickly, this method will also help you to clean & maintain your vehicle’s shine and color like a new car and can also remove the small scratches. The car will shine like a new one and make a good impression on the others. It is not easy for others to guess the picking update.

  1. Warm the engine in the winter season or in cold

Not surprisingly, cold weather conditions in winter or any hilly area can be a big problem for your car engine. Immediately increasing the acceleration of your car in the winter season will damage your car’s engine. So it is idle to warm up your vehicle’s engine before starting driving.

  1. Don’t ignore the check engine light

You should never ignore the check engine light. This light may indicate that your car needs immediate inspection through the local mechanic. It is a self-diagnosis that is put to protect your engine. Sometimes it blinks due to some common reason that does not need to take seriously, but yes, you should check the reason for its blinking.

Bottom Line

Following advice and simple tricks into your driving skill and maintenance service routine, you will greatly increase the life of your vehicle & enjoy it for a long period. These key points help in keeping your engine healthy. Also, they save a lot of money in repairing & replacing the engine. When it comes to engine replacement, you can choose the used engines. These used engines are more affordable & easily fitts to your old car.

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