Glaring Reason of Ford F-150 Transmission Failure
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Glaring Reason of Ford F-150 Transmission Failure

The Ford F series pickup truck is the best-selling vehicle in America for 44 years. With such a Ford f 150 is the most popular truck in the market. It has great look with superb capabilities. It displays the best features but often it has some glaring problems with F-150 transmissions. These problems cause many recalls, safety concerns, reliability issues & makes quality issues. Ford 10 speed 10R80 automatic transmission enables the engine to skip gears that increase fuel efficiency. When the gear shifting feature malfunctions, then it causes erratic shifting at the root of the ford f-150 lawsuit.

The Ford F-150 has received countless recording transmission issues while shifting gear. Ford F-150 has more complaints regarding the jerky shift & noise problem. It has an abrupt transmission issue that goes into first gear without any warning. These transmission issues may damage your vehicle’s components. In this article, we are going to discuss the Ford F-150 transmission problems that affect the vehicle quality and its reliability.

Dealing with the Ford with the bad transmission is quite unsafe as well. You should not rely on it. Thus, you should the replacement option. You can choose used Ford transmission as a replacement for your damaged transmission. It can enhance your vehicle performance & reliability.

Common transmission problems with Ford


On focusing the ford 10-speed transmission, it has some comparable transmission issues. Ford & GM merged to create a transmission that improves engine performance & enhances vehicle efficiency. But it also seems to be an issue. Drivers reported problems with smooth shifting & a hard shift. Resetting the transmission becomes a solution for these problems. Below we discuss some transmission issues with their solutions:


Hard shifting is the most common transmission problem that drivers report some trouble shifting between gears. This hard shifting may occur when you haven’t changed the transmission fluid at the time interval. Low transmission fluid reduces the vehicle’s ability to shift. When a transmission exhibits signs, then it should be taken to the transmission expert & professional repair service as soon as possible to avoid incurring serious damage. Let us discuss some reasons that cause hard shifting:

  • Transmission Fluid: When your transmission is hard to shift, then you should check the transmission fluid. Somes the old & low transmission fluid is the blaming reason for hard shifting. Transmission fluid may be reddish & transparent.
  • Sensor problems: we equipped Modern vehicles with a wide assortment of sensors that control your transmission shifting. Sensors receive the signals & readings, inappropriate signal & reading leads to transmission problems. Hard shifting occurs because of a faulty sensor, which handles the slow & quickly running out of vehicles.

It’s always a transmission problem for the Ford F-150, F2 setter, F-253 have fault gear shift indicators. They can’t illuminate when the driver switchgear can make it difficult to determine what gear the transmission is in. Shifting is the most important factor that moves your vehicle. Shifter comprises some indicator lights to describe the gear apart. But sometimes, these lights are not working due to console shift indicator bulbs that burnt out.
You can fix a gear shift indicator in simple steps. Just slide under the car & check for a loose gear shift cable. Check these shift cable connections & ensure all the tights are not missing. If there are any lost gear shift cable clamps or bolts, then tighten them. Replace those cables that cause the misalignment with a gear shift indicator.


Many transmission issues illuminate the Check Engine light. This light may also illuminate because of transmission overheating, low transmission fluid, faulty sensors & many other reasons. Thus, when this happens, it required a diagnosis that can reveal the active issue codes. Most of the time, these issues come due to torque converter clutch valve binding. Inside the valve body, a valve becomes the source of the problem.


Some ford drivers struggle with the leaking brake fluid problems that lead to much larger problems. A vehicle’s drive becomes more complex & perhaps impossible on lost braking fluid. Brake fluid is an essential component designed to transfer the movement & force created when you press down on the brake pedal. The leakage of brake fluid leads to the loss of brake pressure, which results in an inability to stop the vehicle.


The corroded battery terminals can cause transmission problems. Starting the engine requires more electricity than shifting gears. These faulty connections make good contact when a huge load is applied to the circuit. The extra current is required to get past the resistance, provides sufficient power to start the engines. And also a small amount of current is needed to operate transmission solenoids, which is not always enough to push resistance. This results in poor transmission performance & failures.

Which Ford Transmission Is Better 6 Speed Or 10 Speed

The new 10-speed transmission uses smarter shift logic to give drivers more confidence in any situation. And all adaptive shift schedule algorithms monitor more than a dozen power train and driver control signals in real-time to ensure the right gear is selected at the right time for a more engaging driving experience. Around 60 percent of F-150 buyers opting for EcoBoost engines perform well in the real world, this year over 1 million F-150 owners will save 110 million gallons of the gas tank to fuel-saving technology used in their eco boots equipped truck.

Compared with the 6-speed transmission, the 10-speed delivery improves the overall performance. The 6-speed transmission is easy to drive and has excellent performance, and you feel the drive is better than the 10-speed transmission. You drive the car to speed up at the low and low end of the power band. And then you can change the gear manners of the car.


The Ford F-150 received many complaints about its transmission problems while shifting. Some of these complaints are about the abrupt shifts, inadequate control & some vibrations during shifts. It affects your vehicle components also & decreases its performance. In this article, we have discussed the most common ford transmission problems. It involves low transmission fluid, battery connections, & brake fluid leakage. You can prevent these issues by repairing your transmission with an expert & professional machinist. You can choose the transmission replacement with our used transmission.

If you have more suggestions & queries related to ford transmission problems, then you can contact us by commenting on us.

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