Used Plymouth Transmission- Automatic & Manual

Are you planning to replace your old & damaged Plymouth transmission? Then you should choose the used transmissions for sale at a low cost. At Autochunks you can quickly && easily find the used components that you need for your car, truck, SUV& many more. We have a vast inventory of used gearboxes comprising hundreds of automatic & manual transmissions. Buying these used components from our salvage yards will save you time, money & energy. You can buy these quality transmissions in just a few clicks away! Take a look through our extensive inventory to find what you are looking for & contact our mechanics to shop the compatible part.

used plymouth transmission

Replacing Your Transmission

The OEM used transmission will last longer than aftermarket automobile repair. Also, the escalating expenses of newly manufactured parts can drain your bank account. Thus, you should choose the used components. Now, if you are searching to buy the quality used Plymouth transmission as quickly as possible, then you are landing at the right place. We provide the quality used components at a low cost. You can quickly receive your order at your local residence in no time. Here you can find a variety of used auto parts for different brands all available makes & models.

Our network of salvage yards offers high-quality auto or truck gearboxes with low mileage & a great warranty. You can check the compatibility of the used part for your vehicle by using the VIN. Our shipping & return procedures are both quite fast. We are happy to serve everyone from a mechanic.

Buying Used Plymouth Transmissions Online

Transmission is a vital component of your vehicle. Without its proper functioning, your vehicle will not run correctly. Hence, you need to choose a better option to replace the damaged transmission rather than repair it. Choosing a used transmission is the best option to save your money & get back your vehicle on the road.

If you are searching for used Plymouth transfer cases, then you are landed at the right places. There are so many places that only care about the profit they are making when locating you a transmission. Thus, I have to say the only way to get a good replacement transmission is to check out the business first. Do not waste your time checking the price & availability if the business is rated an F grade. Thus, you first check the business on the internet if they are a legitimate business or just a website. Now you land at our business. We also say to check us first. Looking for a low mileage & tested used Plymouth gearboxes, thus allowing us to help you in your search.


Here at AutoChunks, we pride ourselves on shipping the right part to our customers. There are so many makes & models of cars & trucks available in our huge transmission inventory. All used components come with a complete torque converter & high-quality components. Before shipping, all transmissions are tested, inspected & cleaned.

Plymouth manufacturer their vehicles in both types of transmission i.e., automatic & manual. We also offer great deals on both types of transmission at the best prices. Let us discuss the different types of transmission available for different fuel categories.


  • We deliver high-quality & reliable performance for every type of service.
  • Our products having a good low-temperature capability.
  • Low swell in hydrocarbon fluids.
  • Different specialized technicians check the build specifications before delivering.
  • This transmission is road tested with dynamometer testing.

Types of transmission we offer!!

We offer 4 speed, 5 speed, 6 speed automatic or manual transmissions for your vehicle. Here, we can rapidly fulfill your order for the Plymouth transmission system that is ready to ship. We ensure that our used components have been carefully tracked & proven to be the highest quality available in the industry. Check out the used transmission prices for different types of transmissions.

Automatic Transmission

At AutoChunks, we carry different types of automatic transmission products for your Plymouth at competitive prices that fit your budget. Get the best deals on completely tested & inspected transmission. Our transfer cases exceed OE specifications & become more powerful, reliable & efficient. The automatic transmission comprises complex parts that lead to overheating. This overheating becomes the main reason for transmission malfunctioning. Thus choose our used counterparts that do not require additional coding for connecting ECU programmable units with the transmission.

Manual Transmission

In manual transmissions, drivers can manually change the gears with the help of shafts, clutch & flywheels. The driver can regulate the speeds & power simultaneously by shifting the gear ratio. And the clutch connects & disconnects the shaft from the transmission. Sometimes the leaks may occur in the transmission & the clutch refuses to engage & disengage. At that moment, you can replace your gearbox with our used Plymouth manual transmission. Here, these manual transmissions offer at cheap rates.

Models of Used Plymouth Transmission- We supply

AutoChunks offers different types of transmission in all available makes & models for different fuel type engines. Below, we have discussed some most popular Plymouth transmission models.

1999 Plymouth breeze transmission


Plymouth Breeze is a mid-size sedan car that manufacturers by Plymouth. It comes in different trim levels. his car comprises 4 cylinder engine in automatic & manual transmission(five-speed). Breeze is also known as the third version of Dodge Stratus & Chrysler Cirrus. It comprises some standard equipment like air conditioning, AM/FM stereo unit power steering, anti-locking & the integrated rear child seat. But the automatic transmission has high failure rates in vehicles. There can be internal or electrical component damages.

We carry a wide range of used gearboxes that extends the OEM specified standards. They become effective in getting back your vehicle on road. Our used gearboxes are offered at a low cost. Check out the specifications of our used Plymouth breeze transmission.


Transmission typeAutomatic

2000 Plymouth voyager transmission


Plymouth voyager is a full type van that manufacturers by the Plymouth division of Chrysler. It comprises of three-speed torqueFlite automatic transmission & five-speed manual with inline-four engines. It also comprises turbocharged 2.5L & V6 engines with fully hydraulically operated TorqueFlite. It enhances the fuel economy & becomes more responsive on pairing with an inline-four engine. But the transmission shifting becomes terrible sometimes. While driving down the road, it results in the motor shaking.

In that scenario, you can switch to our used transmissions. Instead of buying the new transmission, the used gearboxes can discover your old vehicle as new. It helps in enhancing the fuel economy & performance.


Transmission speed3-speed
Transmission typeAutomatic

1997 Plymouth breeze transmission


Breeze can be defined as the sibling of Dodge Tartus & Chrysler cirrus. It has a stylish, roomy four-door sedan design with a decent level of standard equipment. It also comes with air conditioning, tilt steering, a six-speaker stereo, rear window defroster, antilock brakes, power door locks & windows, power sunroofs & stereos. Generally, Breeze comprises 5-speed automatic transmission that results in 132 horsepower with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. It also comes with a 2.4-liter engine that results in 157 horsepower & 167-foot pounds of torque.

At Autochunks, we offer a wide array of used manual & automatic transmission at a low cost with a standard warranty. We have covered the range of all available makes & models of Plymouth transmissions at a low cost. Get an inquiry & buy the OEM specified used transmission under your budget. Check out the specifications of the used Plymouth breeze gearbox.


Transmission typeAutomatic

1998 Plymouth breeze


Breeze is a stylish sedan of Plymouth. It is mainly differentiated upfront with a strong & aggressive slatted chin spoiler. Even it has superb handling. It comprises a 2.0-liter engine 16 valve single overhead cam four-cylinder that results in 132 horsepower. This sedan is mated with a four-speed automatic transmission that results in 129-foot pounds of torque at a peak of 5000 rpm. Mostly automatic transmission fails due to their high complexity. These complex parts lead to the damage of internal & electrical component failure. Dueto which the transmission requires failures.

Here, we deliver the high-quality inspected used automatic gearboxes at cheap rates. These transmissions passed the road test & the dyno test under the supervision of our highly skilled & experienced technicians. Get an inquiry on the best quality used Plymouth breeze transmission with their specifications.


Transmission typeAutomatic

Other Plymouth models

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