Used Isuzu Transmission – Automatic & Manual

Are you looking for top-quality used Isuzu transmission? Your search might stop here! You have landed at the right place i.e, Autochunks. Here we offer the best quality used transmission for sale at a low cost. All these components are easily located in your vehicle to fulfill the car’s needs. Autochunks is the best place to buy used transmission at a low cost. Please select the model of your vehicle & view a sample of our Isuzu used automobile transmissions inventory. Get great prices on Isuzu automatic & manual transmission components at Autochunks. Contact our team for getting more info & book your order now.

Used Isuzu transmission With Extended Warranty

We have a huge inventory that comprises high-quality gearboxes in all available makes & models. The inventory includes good running, tested & completely inspected transmission. Our transmission is tested, inspected & verified before leaving our facilities. Also, we are offering a standard warranty on all our Isuzu-used standard or automatic transmissions.

Largest stock of Isuzu used transmission

Isuzu is the most popular American manufacturers that build reliable SUVs, cars, & trucks. This brand is known for its performance & power. But sometimes the most reliable vehicles can fail. Hence when your transmission falls, then your vehicle turns into a 2,000-pound paperweight. The price used to replace the drivetrain or any vehicle component could be astronomical. Also, finding the right parts for your vehicle at a local junkyard can be time taking.

used isuzu transmission

Hence choose Autochunks, which makes your troubles a little easier by connecting you with a quality replacement transmission for Isuzu online. We offer a vast network of suppliers that helps you for finding the right model of transmission for your Isuzu. These used transmissions are easily available near your residence at affordable prices. We highly recommended it to choose the quality parts from the trusted authority. Shop here the cleaned used transmission that is completely tested for functionality & ready to install.

Types of Transmission Services – We deal

Autochunks is one of the leading & trusted authorities that have an extensive selection of used Isuzu transmission with warranty for nearly every year & model. Our each used transmission comes through rigorous testing to ensure its highest quality & complete dependability. We also deal in different of transmission at cheap rates.

Automatic Transmission

Isuzu is one of the leading American brands that manufactures SUVs, cars & trucks with automatic transmission. They have installed the first light-duty vehicles with automated manual transmission i.e., an innovative intelligent gearshift system. This automatic shifting is achieved by computer control with no driver input. However, the Isuzu provides smooth shifting with better fuel economy. The automatic shifting comprises the computer control logic with an electric circuit. Because of some changes in logic, may your automatic transmission fail. Thus, when your transmission gained some shifting problems, then you should choose the replacement. Replace your transmission with our Isuzu-used automatic transmission at a low cost.

Manual Transmission

Isuzu introduced a new entry-level model with manual transmission. It includes a 5-speed transmission behind the 6BG1 engine. Isuzu I-290 is a compact pickup car manufactured with manual transmission & electronic throttle. This manual transmission comes without all-wheel drive options. But it results in around 185hp with manual gearboxes. Also, a manual transmission is cheaper than automatics. But to a certain limit, these stick shifts required replacement. Hence, you can switch the used manual Isuzu transmission under your budget.

Install our used gearboxes in your manual car to increase its lifespan & performance. Get an inquiry on used manual transmission for sale in the USA with the best deals. Make further inquiries on its prices, specifications & models.

Available Models of Isuzu used transmission- We supply

Autochunks offers a huge collection of used transmissions in all available makes & models. Even these transmissions are compatible with all fuel-type engines. Isuzu is a leading American vehicle manufacturer that builds a series of compact sedans, SUVS & trucks. Below we have listed some most popular Isuzu transmission models with their prices & specifications.

2005 Isuzu Ascender Transmission

used isuzu ascender transmission

Replaced from Isuzu ascender, which is based on the Chevrolet trailblazer in 5 passenger & 7-passenger versions. With a sport utility 4-DR body style, it is powered with a 5.3L V8 OHV 16V engine & 4-speed automatic transmission. This model uses 15miles/gallon of gasoline in the city & 20 miles/gallon of gasoline at highways. When it comes to a replacement, choose the used components. We are here providing the high-quality used automatic transmission that you desperately need for your Isuzu. Contact our team for getting more inquiries about used Isuzu ascender transmission prices. Buy now this transmission at discount prices.


Transmission typeAutomatic
SubmodelLS, S, Limited

2002 Isuzu Rodeo transmission

used isuzu rodeo transmission

Isuzu Rodeo is a series of Japanese automobile manufacture Isuzu. This manufacturer builds a compact pickup & a midsize SUV by using this name. The Isuzu transmission system requires routine checkups for wear & tear. Routine servicing can enhance the transmission lifespan. But at a certain limit, it shows some signs of trouble. Thus, to prevent further damage, change your transmission & install another in place of it. Try our used transmission for your Isuzu rodeo. Our used Isuzu rodeo transmission is cheaper & affordable. Even they are more durable & compatible with every model. Just check out the prices & book your order.


Transmission typeAutomatic

1997 Isuzu Hombre Transmission

used isuzu hombre transmission

Removed from 1997, Isuzu hombre, a compact pickup. It offers a sporting two-wheel drive with a 2.2 L four-cylinder engine & four-speed automatic transmission. It has different trim levels, such as S & XS. But at a certain limit, every vehicle requires auto parts replacement. Thu on occurring transmission issues, choose our used products.

We carry an enormous selection of used Isuzu hombre transmissions for sale at a low cost in the USA. On top of low prices, we offer different trusted brands of used gearboxes for 1997 hombre. Check the customer ratings & reviews to buy these products at the warranty.


Transmission typeAutomatic

2004 Isuzu axiom transmission

used isuzu axiom transmission

Isuzu axiom is a mid-size SUV that builds by the Japanese Isuzu organization. It is equipped with 4L30E transmission. But it frequently gains the transmission problem. May it have some leaking fluid problem, lack of response, burning smell, torque converter issues & many more. With these transmission issues, you can’t drive your vehicle. In that scenario, you can choose our used Isuzu axiom transmission are available at affordable prices. These transmissions are more reliable & compatible with every model & different fuel type engines.


Transmission typeAutomatic

Used transmission warranty – What is covered?

While purchasing a used transmission, there is one of the biggest disadvantages is a warranty. Some of the transmission dealers are not providing a warranty. But at Autochunks we provide a standard warranty on our top-quality used transmissions. It means we are offering a kind of protection. During the warranty period, if your transmission may fail, then we are ready to repair & replace it reliably. We don’t apply the extra charges or the additional labor charges to reinstall it.

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Autochunks is the leading & trusted auto parts i.e, engines & transmission dealers in the USA. We provide affordable & honest transmission service. We have Automotive Service Excellence certified mechanics that perform rigorous testing to ensure their quality. While testing, we replace the worn parts with high-quality parts. We specialize in transmission deals. Here, our organization comprises a vast selection of used transmissions for sale in different fuel category options. We are dedicated to our customers & our community. Our primary goal is to reach the customers with a unique & positive experience of buying our products. Apart from this, we offer more services such as.

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