Used Hummer Transmission – Automatic & Manual

Used Hummer Transmission Price Comparison

Want a transmission replacement for your Hummer car, then we have covered everything for you. You can switch to a used transmission rather than buying a new transmission for your vehicle. As the new transmission becomes more costly, but the used ones are more affordable. We are dedicated to providing a better automobile driving experience with the best products. Our inventory comprises the best & high-quality products for different makes & models available in the USA. Our website makes it easy to buy used Hummer transmission at a low cost for your car. You just need to fill the form or call our team.

Autochunks is the best place to buy quality used gearboxes. We have extensive inventories that allow our customers to purchase a wide variety of used products. Each delivered transmission uses the best OEM parts to ensure the best quality & performance. We offer the correct transmission for your hummer vehicle. Begin by choosing the right hummer model to fulfill your vehicle’s requirements. Let’s have a took in our huge inventory & select the affordable transmission.

Used Hummer transmission for sale

A used transmission is a component removed from a used car. It is most often a cheaper solution that discovers your car as new. Even these transmissions are easily available at online platforms & nearby machinist shops. But when you search for used Hummer transmission near me, you get the local machinist shop & the salvage yards. There you did not find the best & guaranteed products. This transmission quickly requires another replacement. Hence, by searching the nearby locations, you just waste your money, time, & fuel. It might be tougher to find a specific hummer used transmission for your vehicle, thus choose the online options. Here you get quality & guaranteed products. One of the best places to buy a used transmission for sale in the USA is Autochunks. Here, you will find the largest selection of quality used automatic & manual transmission that upgrades to factory specifications.

used hummer transmission

With years of experience, our dealership is dedicated to providing high-quality used components to our customers. Our dealership found on trust, integrity & respect. Keep your vehicle in top condition by acquiring quality products from a trusted authority. We offer free shipping & a warranty on all used transmissions. While choosing a used transmission, keep in mind that there is no fluid build-up around the edge of the gasket & the transmission is in clean & damage-free condition. At Autochunks, we deliver the tested & inspected used gearboxes at a low cost. Our highly experienced & professional team inspects these transmissions under a dynamometer.

How long does hummer transmission last?

The overall lifespan of hummer h3 transmission depends on its maintenance. Proper maintenance can enhance the longevity of your vehicle & its components. But on average it can last from range 130,000 – 180,000 miles.

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission is the system that allows shifting the gear automatically to optimize the driving speed. This system changes gears based on the throttle pedal, vehicle speed, engine speed & vehicle load. Typically, this transmission gains 4-5 forward gears & some reverse, neutral gears. Hummer is one of the best convertibles that offer multiple automatic transmissions in their different models. This automatic vehicle offers better driving speed & experience. But after a certain limit, the mechanical components require replacement. Hence order the hummer automatic transmission online today. Choose the used hummer transmission for sale at the lowest prices. Get the discount prices, fast shipping & the ultimate product helps on shopping the hummer automatic gearboxes for your SUVs, trucks & many more.

Manual Transmission

Manual transmission is the standard transmission type which is also known as the stick shift. It requires a driver input to shift the gears with the help of a clutch. These transmissions are built with anywhere from two to eight gears. There are two main configurations offered by manual stick shift: i.e., Front-wheel drive & rear-wheel drive. It uses gears & gear trains to transmit the torque from the rotating power source to the wheels. Clutch plays the important role in manual transmission for shifting. But it requires high maintenance. Without proper maintenance, your manual transmission fails. Hummer is the most appealing vehicle model that also offers a manual transmission vehicle. This manual hummer vehicle offers exclusive performance & pickup.

Get the best deals on the used hummer manual transmission at a low cost in the USA. Install our quality products to get the best driving experience with different speed ratios. Transmissions shaving different gear trains & the power trains that provide the best vehicle performance. Thus make an inquiry for buying the hummer manual transmission at cheap rates & with low mileage.

Models of used Hummer transmission

Check out the complete range of used transmission systems in the USA. We have different makes & models of used hummer transmission that fit with different fuel type engines. Get an inquiry on the used hummer transmission prices & specifications.

2008 Hummer H3

used hummer h3 transmission

Buy used hummer h3 Automatic transmission from our enormous network that offers a warranty on the qualified units. These transmissions are completely OEM specified & guaranteed to fit in the different year hummer h3 vehicle. It includes the transmission case, torque converter & all internally lubricated parts that fit in the automatic vehicle. Check out the hummer h3 transmission prices & find the sale near you in the USA. Here we provide the detailed price information & the vehicle from where it is removed. This component is removed from the 2008 Hummer h3, provides a competent drive both on-road & off. This hummer is the best-selling model & more reasonable in terms of size & cost.


Transmission typeAutomatic

2003 Hummer H2

used hummer h2 transmission

Get an inquiry on the prices of used hummer h2 transmission for sale in the USA. Purchase this hummer used transmission from us & get a leading warranty. We offer guarantee lowest price in the industry to save your money on shipment. The delivered transmission comes with an inspected torque converter, tail shaft & housing. This transmission is replaced from the Hummer h2 SUVs have better driving experiences, even on the rock, obstacles & the mountains. This transmission resolves the problem of losing 3rd & 4rth gear, erratic shifting, slipping & freewheeling above 30mph. With 4WD drivetrains, it offers 4-speed gears & superb performance.


Transmission typeAutomatic
Transmission speed4

2009 Hummer H3

2009 hummer h3 transmission

Locate our used hummer h3 transmission for your h3 manual vehicle. Our used transmission is ready to ship directly to your residence. We offer the used transmission for sale in the US & the lowest price guarantee on Hummer H3 used transmission. Shop these reliable & affordable parts to get back your hummer back on the road. The 2009 Hummer H3 transmission sport utility vehicle replaced this transmission. It offers the best performance with two suspension packages to suit different terrain requirements. It provides superb mileage & a comfortable ride with a standard 3.7 L V8 engine. Hence, buy used hummer h3 transmission at a low cost from us.


Transmission typeManual

2009 Hummer H2

2009 hummer h2 transmission

Removed from the 2009 Hummer H2 SUV having flexible-fuel 393-hp & 6.2 L Vortec V8 engine. This six-speed automatic transmission offers a four-wheel-drive system that allows H2 SUV to tackle the most challenging off-road situations. Install our used hummer h2 transmission that possesses different speed gear ratios. It allows your SUV to transmit the engine power to another device, such that you can enjoy a better ride. Get an inquiry on its prices, specifications & the replacement cost. Purchase used hummer h2 transmission from us & get a leading warranty on the lowest prices products.


Transmission speed6

Trust Autochunks

Most professional transmission dealers sell the used transmission with potential hazards. These components may cause your vehicle other auto parts & decrease your vehicle performance. But here, our service focuses on delivering the best dealing experience & providing quality products. Selling the quality used transmission is one of our prime goals. We find & search the recycled transmission for your trucks & SUVs that enhance the OEM specifications to your vehicle. Our used transmission applications have low mileage & come with a standard warranty.

Our transmission systems allow energy to produce & transport the electric power to roadside wheels. With high voltage, the electric current travels on the transmission system, & thus provides a better speed ratio. These transmissions have better reliability, redundancy, & compatibility. Apart from this, we deliver more services, which are listed below:

  • Less expensive & more affordable products
  • Offers Clean & damage free transmission
  • Diagnose each & every part of the transmission system
  • Provides doorstep delivery
  • Free Shipping

Now you have to know more about the used hummer transmission for sale, it may be a time for buying. Thus, visit our contact page & fill in your queries about its models, prices & specifications. Here, we will provide the best solutions to your query. And ensures that the delivered transmission is functioning properly.