Used Fiat Transmission – Automatic & Manual

Looking for a used fiat transmission system in the USA? Your fiat becomes happy to know that your search for the right transmission system, that you have been looking for is over! Autochunks has a great selection of used transmissions for sale in all available makes & models. We have a wide range of reliable, robust, sophisticated gearboxes in different speeds & engines options. We assure you that here you will get the right product to keep your fiat running for a long time. Shop online & find the low price transmission system & they shipped to your door. Contact our team to buy the fiat used transmission or visit one of our Autochunks locations.

used fiat transmission

Is Fiat a good brand?

Fiat is generally an Italian automobile company that manufactures luxurious vehicles. It offers easy maneuverability & a user-friendly infotainment system. All these fiat models come with turbocharged 1.3 liters four-cylinder engines that result in 177 horsepower with nine-speed automatic transmission in all-wheel drive. Regardless of its trim level, its suspension is comfortable for highway cruising. Even it has efficient fuel economy that gives 24 mpg/city & 30 mpg/highway. These cars have fun to drive, but at last, you may experience some transmission problems.

Do Fiats have transmission problems?

Some problems like gear failure, gears won’t change, stuck in neutral, transmission won’t shift, leads to the transmission failure. These types of issues may cause the other vehicle component failure. Some common symptoms of fiat automatic transmission failure:

  • Gear failure.
  • Transmission won’t shift out of the park.
  • Won’t change gears.
  • No Reverse
  • Transmission won’t shift.
  • Stuck in Park
  • Rough shifting
  • Check engine light engine light on

Transmission is an important mechanical part of your vehicle. It is responsible for allowing the vehicle to move & regulating the engine’s speed. This mechanical part comprises interrelated parts & mechanisms. Some of these parts result in numerous problems in occurring the transmission failure. Due to this failure, some of these fiat hatchbacks were unable to shift into the park. This issue makes the driver impossible to shift into or out of Park, Drive, Reverse, or Neutral. Fiat vehicles are known to have transmission problems. Thus you need to fix the warning signs of a faulty gearbox. Hence check the transmission fluid level & try to fix it. Some certain problems can’t fix in your drive & at machinist shop.

Used Fiat transmission with warranty

Autochunks offers the largest supply of quality used transmission in the United States. We have the nation’s best inventories of used components at a low cost. Each of the transmissions is fully inspected for quality & backed up with a standard warranty. Best place to buy used manual & automatic transmission online for sale in the USA. We deliver the quality standards through conducting an inspection process. We remove the pans & filters to inspect the transmission. Thus it is the customer’s responsibility to replace the seals, gaskets & filters before installing them.

used fiat transmission

Unlike other online suppliers, we don’t require a core charge or the return of core. Autochunks is the modern way to buy used transmissions at a low cost in an efficient manner. Search our online database to see the right type of autoparts, we have in stock. We have focused on the newer inventory, the latest model car parts for both domestic & imported vehicles. Along with this, we deliver the used transmission of both automatic & manual type.

Types of transmission we offer

We deliver the best-in-class service gearboxes at your pocket-friendly prices. These products pass several testing under a dynamometer. Our professional technicians inspect these items before delivered to the customer. Also, we ship these transmission systems in a highly secured plastic sheet cover to prevent future damage. Let’s have a look at the different types of transmission services, that you are looking for!

Automatic transmission

Fiat is a luxurious brand that offers automatic transmission to its high-performance vehicle. You can get the automatic in any model with the lower-powered TwinAir engine. The TwinAir engine is a punchy performer, thus it helps to auto improve the economy from 70.6 mpg to 72.4 mpg. It comprises certain complex & electrical parts. These parts may soon lead to transmission failure. On the occurrence of transmission failure, replace your auto part with our used components. Choose our used transmission for your used vehicle at a low cost. We have ready-to-ship transmission, just locale your place & order under your budget. Here we provide doorstep delivery at your residence.

Manual transmission

Fiat is a sporty Italian manufacturer, that produces performance vehicles. They offer a wide range of transmissions options, especially manual transmissions at low cost. This transmission delivers higher torque capability than 6-speed automatics. Even it has a well-placed shifter & perfect pedal position to make such downshifts smooth & simple. Without proper maintenance, soon it acquires some transmission problems. Hence you should quickly fix these issues to prevent further loss. Generally, the small transmission issues can b recovered through repairs, but the bigger risks require replacement. Thus choose a replacement with used autoparts. Install our used manual transmissions to get back your vehicle on the road. Buy our best-in-class, high-quality used transmission at a low cost in the USA.

Various Models of Fiat Transmission- We supply!!

Autochunks offers different types of used transmission in different fuel type engines. We offer a huge inventory that comprises transmission in all available makes & models. Below we have discussed some most popular transmission:

2012 Fiat 500 used transmission

2012 Fiat 500 transmission

Fiat 500 is rear-engined manufacture by Fiat automobiles. The retro-styled 500has agile handling, a willing engine, & a crisp-shifting manual transmission. With a 101 hp 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine & five-speed manual transmission it results in 33 mpg in the city. It’s a posh & style-led little electric hatch like a honda. But due to some low automatic transmission fluid, that also causes transmission slipping. It can reduce the hydraulic pressure necessary to properly shift. It can also lead to complete transmission failure. Hence you should replace the damaged transmission with our used transmission. Try our used fiat transmission under your budget & get back your vehicle on road.


Transmission typeAutomatic
Transmission speed6 speed

2016 Fiat 500 transmission

2016 Fiat 500 transmission

The 2016 Fiat 500 is perfect for long trips & offers super mileage. Moreover, it offers a navigation system & a hands-free phone that functioned perfectly. The two-door & four-seat Fiat 500 competes with subcompact cars like Mini cooper & smart ForTwo. Here all models have a standard Uconnect multimedia system with a 5-inch touch screen & Bluetooth connectivity. Fiat comprises hatchback & convertible body styles, numerous trim levels & specifications ranging from economical to downright sporty. Its cuteness may be undeniable & the front cabin is surprisingly spacious. The fiat engine is quite pokey, especially when teamed with six-speed automatic transmission. Generally, the five-speed manual transmission is the standard one. The fiat model is offered in the fixed-roof body style as the high-performance Abarth model with a 1.4 L turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Fiat 500 hatchback comes with a manual transmission to fix a flaw that might result in a broken clutch diaphragm springs. Due to this, your transmission may lead to complete transmission failure. To prevent further damage, choose our used transmission in replacement of your malfunctioned transmission. Get the best deals on the used fiat 500 transmissions online at a low cost.


Transmission speed6 speed

2019 Fiat 124 spider transmission

Fiat 124 spider transmission

It was removed from a 2018 fiat 124 spider vehicle with 35 k miles. Generally, this vehicle comprises an exclusive Fiat engine, unique suspension tuning & more upscale interior. It provides thrills on a twisty road. This model works with a six-speed manual transmission with low engine speeds. Fiat earns sparkling fuel economy estimates on the EPA’s test cycle. Even it provides fuel economy bested its highway EPA rating of 35 mpg with a 39 mpg result. Sometimes, a software problem may cause the automatic transmission to unexpectedly downshift & abruptly. It may lead to the vehicle components crash & other failures. Thus replace that malfunctioned transmission with another one. Now if you are searching for the used fiat 124 spider transmission at a low cost, then you are landed at the right page. Here we offer used transmission for sale in the USA with a standard warranty.


Model124 Spider
Transmission speed6 speed
Transmission typeManual

2016 Fiat 500X transmission

Fiat 500X transmission

Fiat 500X is a subcompact crossover SUV manufacturers by fiat Chrysler automobiles. This 500X model is closely related to Jeep renegade. These models come with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine & standard all-wheel drive. Moreover, it offers a fashionable interior design with accommodations lacking in rear-seat passengers. This turbocharged engine results in 177 horsepower with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The all-wheel-drive system has three driver-selectable settings to optimize traction in varying conditions. Even the fiat’s suspension is comfortable for high cruising. It also offers the driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist & automatic high beam headlights.

But sometimes due to broken transmission bands, this model comes with transmission failure issues. In such a way, you need to replace that damaged transmission with our used gearboxes. Buy our used transmission at cheap rates in the USA. All these transmissions are completely tested & inspected, and are backed up with a standard warranty.


Transmission typeAutomatic
Transmission speed9 speed

Other models

  • Fiat 1100
  • Fiat 124
  • Fiat 128
  • Fiat 131
  • Fiat 500
  • Fiat 850
  • Fiat Strada
  • Fiat X-1/9

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Autochunks is one of the award-winning companies that offer the best quality used transmission for sale. We have the latest transmission inspection tools to precisely spot any problem backed by highly skilled techs. Even our tech experts will diagnose your transmission system before delivering. We believe teamwork is important, this work provides our customers a pleasant experience. Even you will find here our facility clean, gives our team a clean & safe environment to operate in. We strongly believe that keeping up with our shop maintenance helps keep our customers coming back.

Each of our highly trained technicians specializes in a specific type of transmission. Even we frequently attend industry seminars to update these specific skills. Here we also offer a complimentary road test to help assess your transmission needs. Apart from, we also offer some services that are discussed below:

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