Used Eagle Transmission- Automatic & Manual

Used Eagle Transmission

Eagle is a specialized company that manufactures high-performance automobiles. Its designs intend to compete with other General Motors models. But it may fail because of the failure of the torque converter & low fluid consumption. Thus, replace your transmission, as the replacement of auto parts is more beneficial than buying a new car. Hence, you can choose our used transmission at a low cost. The used eagle transmission comes with three, four, & five-speed versions in both manual & automatic models.

AutoChunks is one of the professional transmission service providers online. We offer a wide variety of services, such as transmission repair, different gears service, driveshaft repair, transfer case repair, and many more. Here we deliver the road-tested & computer diagnostics transmission. Our friendly eagle transmission offers free pick up & delivery with quick & efficient service. Get the best deals at a low cost here with a standard warranty.

Used Eagle Transmission For Sale


If you are looking for reliable, quality used transmission in the USA, then your searches might end here. AutoChunks offers highly accomplished transmission at a low cost. We have expert technicians, advanced repair machines & reliable services. Although we have worked hard to provide quality service, customer satisfaction & fair prices. We offer special online services for transmission repair, auto repair, fluid change, manual transmission repair, clutch repair, and air conditioning analysis to maintain your vehicle’s optimal condition. After proper diagnosis, we determine exactly what we need to repair your car’s or truck’s transmission. Our goal is to give our customers quality transmission repair services at a reasonable price.

Eagle is a compact four-wheel-drive passenger vehicle that manufactures automatic & manual transmission. We offer both types of eagle transmissions, i.e., manual & automatic. Mostly, engine performance tie to transmission efficiency for higher production standards that reduce manufacturing flaws. Transmission does not affect the engine performance, but it also affects the driver’s experience. Let us discuss the different types of transmission offered at cheap rates.


  • Offering excellent replacement for worn out & faulty parts.
  • All these auto parts are manufactured by using advanced equipment.
  • Transmission gains premium quality construction for long-term durability.
  • We tested these transfer cases in an extremely thorough way to ensure the possible finest product value.
  • These gearboxes are manufactured to meet or exceed the most stringent industry standards.
  • Designed to restore original performance & reliability.

Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission comprises a torque converter that automatically shifts the gears. It does not require any manual input to transfer the engine’s power to roadside wheels. An Eagle vehicle with automatic transmission is easy to drive. Just slip it in gear & go. It has a unique select drive system that allows drivers to choose b/w two-wheel-drive & 4 wheels to drive with a simple flip.

At Autochunks, we deliver the high-quality used eagle automatic transmission at a low cost. We use state-of-the-art computerized diagnostics, whether it’s a foreign or domestic car. These transfer cases do not require high maintenance & servicing. It is worth more than buying a new automatic car. We deliver the counterparts at cheap rates with a standard warranty.

Manual Transmission

Generally, vehicles with manual transmission are always less expensive to buy. Eagle ford 289/302 manual transmission street & strip rotating assemblies have the perfect balance of reliability, affordability & performance for engines. It gives an output of 500 horsepower with a manual transfer case. If you keep up with maintenance, then you do not need to worry about car repairs. But if there is a problem with your transmission, then you should replace your transmission.

We offer the best quality & low buying used eagle manual transmission. This transmission does not require routine maintenance & servicing. Our transmission is back up with a standard warranty. Here, our transfer cases are tested with a dynamometer. And we have replaced all the worn parts while testing.

Various Models of Used Eagle Transmission

We carry a wide range catalog of used eagle transmission for all applications, including gas & diesel engines. Even we offer different types of transmission in all available makes & models at low cost. Let us discuss the various transmission models offered at low cost.

1998 Eagle Talon


Eagle Talon is a two-door, FWD, AWD hatchback coupe manufactured with re-badged variants of the Plymouth Laser & Mitsubishi Eclipse. Now if you need a replacement transmission. Thus, browse reliable Eagle Talon transmissions for sale using our free used parts locator service. Find the right type of transmission for your Eagle talon at AutoChunks. Get the best deals on high-quality Eagle Talon transmission for sale from our vast network of parts. The ready-to-install transfer cases can ship directly to your residence.


Transmission TypeAutomotive
Optionswithout turbo (2.0L

1995 Eagle Summit transmission

Get the best deals on used eagle transmissions at a low cost. Order the best quality transmission from online Autochunks today. Eagle summit is a sub-compact car manufactured by Mitsubishi. It comprises4 speed & 5-speed transmissions manufacturers by using the latest technology. Even they provide premium quality & better performance.



Transmission TypeAutomatic
Transmission Speed5-speed

1991 eagle Summit used transmission


Locate our used eagle transmission for your eagle summit. Browse our online database of around 80 million auto parts available at low cost in the USA. These transmissions are ready to install, that can be shipped directly to your residence. Below we have discussed the specifications of the used eagle summit transmission.


Transmission TypeAutomatic
Transmission Speed5-speed

1994 Eagle summit used transmission

Eagle Summit is a compact car that comprises a gas-type engine with 5-speed manual transmissions. It has high fuel efficiency & EPA Mileage of around 18/22 mpg. Generally, it produces torque around 145 lb-ft @ 4,250 rpm. Check the detailed specifications & features of the used eagle summit transmission. These specs include horsepower, engine, capacity & some factors that influenced transmission.



Engine compatible1.8
Transmission typeManual
Transmission Speed5-speed

Other models of Eagle Transmission

  • 2000 GTX
  • Medallion
  • Premier
  • Vision
  • Vista

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