Used Dodge Transmission- Automatic & Manual

Are you searching for used dodge transmission for sale for your car, truck & SUV, then you came to the right place. We help you in finding the quality used transmission from our auto salvage inventory. We inspect every unit for any cracks, leaks, damage, or issues before putting them in our inventory system. Contact today to buy the transmission(automatic & manual) at affordable prices.

used dodge transmission

Dodge is the specialized & recognizable automaker in America. Dodge is a part of Fiat Chrysler automobile company. This company uses top-quality vehicle components on manufacturing the top models such as dodge ram, challenger & many more. Dodge transmission early fails due to damaged torque converter. The failure of a torque converter can cause shifting problems. At that time you should repair/replace the damaged transmission. A small issue can recover through repairing, but a serious problem requires replacement.

Buying a new transmission can be more expensive, you should choose the used transmissions for sale. We offer the best quality used dodge transmission at cheap rates in the USA. Here we deliver the tested & inspected transfer cases for sale at a low cost.

Autochunks offers a wide catalog of high-quality dodge transmission with low mileage & a great warranty. We regularly service & repair the dodge differentials while testing. This ready-to-install used Dodge components directly ship to your house. Even we provide the reliable customer service & doorstep delivery.

Used Dodge Transmission For Sale

Transmission is an important part of the vehicle that transmits the engine power to the wheels. It uses the power generated by the engine to keep the wheels spinning. It comprises planetary gear sets, a hydraulic system & torque converter, or a clutch.

used dodge transmission

Before buying the essential components, you need to check the organization’s history, quality & authority. If you found the site to be low grade, then choose a different site. Now, if you are searching for a used transmission, then you landed at the right place. Autochunks is the leading & award-winning platform for providing the best class transmission service. Here you will find the best quality gearboxes at a low cost.

Our transmissions also meet the strict quality standards & extend OEM specifications. We upgrade each transmission with the latest in performance parts. Even we dyno test each gearbox to ensure the premium quality. We built all these units with the most stringent tolerances by expert technicians. The rating is 1500 hp & undergoes rigorous performance testing. In this transmission, the valve body is custom configured & tested. If the failure point finds, then we replace them with standard & upgraded internal components.


  • We inspected all units before shipping to maintain the quality standards.
  • We shipped these units in high-density plastic covers to help eliminate in-transit damage.
  • High-Quality products are offered at low cost.
  • Even the used transmissions do not require advanced technology for installation.
  • They can easily increase the torque with the decrease in rotational speed.

Types of Transmission We Offer

Dodge is an American brand that manufactures automatic & manual models. Some of the popular models such as challenger, charged & Durango. Though it also has been manufacturing automatic & manual transmissions. At Autochunks, we offer the standard quality automatic & manual transmission under your budget.

Automatic transmission

Dodge manufacturers automatic transmission packages for automotive pickups applications, both domestic & import vehicles. Here we have heavy-duty & electronic controlled automatic units for your application. These transmissions may fail due to fluid leaking, clogging veins in the valve body, pump, torque converter & metal part degradation. The failure of your transmission may affect other vehicle components. Hence it is necessary to replace the worn gearboxes.

Here, we offer superb performance high quality used automatic gearboxes at cheap prices. Experienced transmission technicians tested these transmissions. Here each part test & inspect for wear & damage. And all the parts that don’t have brand new potential service life replace with the highest quality parts. These transmissions increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

Manual transmission

Generally, manual cars with manual transmission result in better fuel economy. Even with manual gearboxes, manual cars are cheaper to insure. Dodge offers various models with manual gearboxes, such as dodge ram & Durango vehicles. Here we carry different types of manual transmission for your dodge at competitive prices. We offer a complete line of used OE replacement & performance manual transmissions, transfer cases. Here we have a variety of makes & models of transmissions for foreign, domestic, SUVs & light-duty trucks.

Models of Used Dodge Transmission- WE SUPPLY

Autochunks offer different types of dodge transmission in all available makes & models. Our transmission delivers superb performance with different fuel type engines such as gas & diesel. Buy now the best quality dodge transmission at affordable prices.

2013 Dodge Journey Transmission

dodge journey transmission

Dodge Journey is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactuers by FCA’s Dodge brand. It is designed by Ryan Nagode. This vehicle is a three-row CUV & offer plenty of room for cargo & passenger. It features 2.4 liters four-cylinder engine that produces 172 hp & 165 lb-ft of torque. It also has a v6 engine with six-speed automatic transmission. This vehicle has base price can’t make for its lackluster engine & poor predicted reliability rating. The Dodge journey’s interior comfort is elevated with standard premium cloth seats. It also offers some additional features like Bluetooth, Satellite Radio & Parking assistance.

Dodge is a reliable & high-quality car. But it has some transmission problems that result in rendering your vehicle completely undrivable. There is some wear & tear or improperly drained gearbox problems that lead to transmission failure. It may be an unusual jerking or difficult shifting gears that indicates transmission replacement. Hence you need to replace your damaged gearbox with our used dodge journey transmission at a low cost. Our transmissions are completely tested & inspected under a dynamometer.


Transmission typeAutomatic
Transmission speed6-speed
SubmodelSXT,Crew,SE Plus

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission

dodge grand caravan transmission

Dodge Caravan is a minivan manufactuers by Chrysler. It has shorter wheelbase counterparts. Dodge features 283 hp 3.6 liter V6 mated with six-speed automatic transmission. Even it provides the fuel economizer mode that maximizes fuel efficiency & saves fuel by changing the transmission shift. It also comes with safety, technology & security features. This vehicle also provides some additional features like standard front seat-mounted side airbags, a driver-side knee blocker airbag, electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring &remote keyless entry.

In dodge, the transmission fails due to a malfunctioning torque converter or shifting issue. Transmission issues like faulty throttle pedal pad, dirty transmission fluid, faulty transmission solenoid & faulty throttle position sensor also lead o more expensive repairs. In that case, the vehicle was diagnosed by an independent mechanic as a transmission failure. And if the vehicle was not repaired, then you should replace the malfunctioning transmission with another one.

Buy now our high-quality used dodge grand caravan transmission at a low cost in the USA. These transmissions are tested under a dynamometer under the provision of our professional technicians. Even these gearboxes deliver in the high sealed packing to prevent damage.


ModelGrand Caravan
Transmission typeAutomatic
Transmission speed6-speed
SubmodelSXT, Crew, SE

2003 Dodge Durango transmission

dodge durango transmission

Dodge Durango is a mid-size sport utility vehicle manufactuers by dodge. This SUV offers more panache, high-tech driver assistance feature & comfier rides. It has a 360 hp V8 that boosts the towing capacity up to 8700 pounds. Even the 295 hp V6 & eight-speed automatic transmission have the most efficient pairing. Powered by 6.4 liter Hemi V* that delivers 475 horsepower & 470 lb-ft torque. In addition to 392 Hemi, The Durango can fit with a 3.6L V6 rated at 295 hp & 260 lb-ft of torque with a towing capability of 2,812 kg. Durango has an impressively spacious, quiet & comfortable design. Even it shares the platform with the jeep grand Cherokee but is longer & has a third-row seat. this vehicle offers a straightforward infotainment system & outstanding towing capability.

Over time, common transmission problems occur with dodge Durango such as transmission shifting roughly, failure to engage & disengage, clunking or banging noise & many more. It may also include inadequate transmission fluid cooling, worn gear clutches, transmission software issues, excessive towing & failed torque converter. Thus you need to fix the issues. The Dodge Durango is one of the luxurious brands. Thus its transmission repairs become more expensive. Thus you should replace your transmission with our used dodge Durango transmission. These used components are less expensive than the new ones.


Transmission typeAutomatic

2016 Dodge Challenger Transmission

dodge challenger transmission

Dodge challenger is a full-size Coronet silver challenger manufacturers by dodge. It includes a large engine with a 6.4L capacity that results in 100 hp power. Even it has more acceleration & speed. It provides torque around 470 lb-ft with automatic & manual transmission. Powered with a 6.4-liter V8 engine with produces 485 hp & 475-pound feet of torque. Moreover, V6 powered challenger estimates as earn 19 mpg city & 30 Hwy. With a 5.7 liter V8, it earns up to 16 mpg city & 25 Hwy. Apart from this, it has a classic muscle car interior with a simple design & comfortable accommodations. Even this vehicle has a big center console bin & a useful spot for smartphones.

Dodge challenger is a balanced car with a stylish muscular design & speed. It offers a more reliable & thrilling driving experience. But it has some transmission issues like weird metallic noise while shifting & many more. These issues lead to complete transmission failure. Hence you should replace your damaged transmission with our used dodge challenger transmission. These transmissions are worth more than the new ones. And also they offer efficient performance with your used car.


Transmission typeAutomatic
Transmission speed8-speed
SubmodelSRT8, SXT Plus

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