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Looking for used Cadillac transmission for sale? You have landed on the right page. Autochunks is a wholesaler trader of performance-oriented Cadillac used transmission at low cost. Check the range of used transmission prices for all available makes & models. We provide a warranty of up to three or more years on top-quality transmission. Search for the transmission model & contact us for the best deal.

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Cadillac is an American brand that builds luxury vehicles. It has a lineup of dynamic rear-wheel-drive sedans & punctuated by 464hp ATS V & the 640 hp CTS V. This is a known brand to manufacture luxury cars, trucks & SUVs that provides a comfortable ride & tons of cutting edge features. It gains quality & standard components in the vehicle. Though it has a fairly reliable 5 & 6-speed transmission. These gearboxes can last for a long time with proper maintenance.

Any kind of minor issue can be covered by repairing. But the bigger issues require expensive repairs & replacement. In that situation, you should replace your damaged transmission. Replacing the damaged transmission with a new gearbox for a used vehicle can be more expensive. Hence, you can choose the used transmission at cheap rates. Buy our best quality used transmission at affordable prices & get an extended warranty. Hurry up! we have limited stocks at discount prices.

Finding A Used Cadillac Transmission Today

Cadillac has an excellent reputation for producing quality luxury automobiles. It may experience illuminated service transmission light at highway speeds with hard shifting. On occurring any failure, the onboard computer maintains the transmission performance. Sometimes it may be difficult to shift & restore.


Replacing a burned & worn transmission can be a hard task. It includes calling a long list of used auto parts dealers & visiting numerous mechanic shops. Even driving to multiple junkyards & salvage yards wastes your expensive fuel & time. Thus choose online transmission dealers for the best deal in less time. Autochunks is a trusted online transmission dealer in the USA. Our transmission serves the top edge of reliability & top spots for durability & power. Even these gearboxes are completely tested & inspected to extend the OEM specifications.

Here you will get the best price quotes for the best quality products. Our unique service allows you to search for the used transmission availability through the nationwide network. We have fast locator parts pricing & the lowest pricing quotes on transmission for all makes & models. We specialize in finding the high-quality used transmission for your vehicle. Here, every gearbox is tested to meet our high quality & performance standards.

Cadillac transmission Replacement cost

When your transmission gains some shifting issues, then it’s time to repair your gearbox. You can also choose the transmission replacement. As the average transmission replacement cost is around $2,600. While the repair cost of transmission will range between $1,800 & $3,400. In Cadillac, the transmission repairs range between $300 & $1,500 with $900, the average cost for repairs. It concludes that the transmission repairs are more expensive as compared to transmission replacement.

Types of transmission services we offer

Autochunks also offer the best quality automatic & manual transmission for your Cadillac vehicle. Also, for your Cadillac vehicle, choose parts from trusted brands. Here, we work with top reliable transmissions & parts brands you can buy with confidence.

Automatic Transmission

Shop Cadillac automatic transmission from a top-rated brand at a low cost. Search through the selection of OEM specified products, here you find the best deal that fits your vehicle hassle-free. An automatic transmission helps to provide a crucial connection between the engine & wheels. It takes the engine’s power & converts it into rotational power by using gearboxes. After conversion, it transmits the rotational power to the drivetrains to the wheels. It will also regulate the speed of your vehicle & allow you to run the engine at lower RPMs. Thus, choose the quality automatic gearboxes for your Cadillac at minimum & fair prices.

Manual Transmission

Cadillac also builds the vehicle with manual gearboxes. And it has shown the manual shift for upcoming V series Blackwing models. It offers a 6-speed manual transmission with pedals & levers to swap cogs. These gearboxes would be quieter & more durable. Mostly the stick shift provides more driver control & more fun to drive. This can be fun, sure, but it also leads to more accidents. These stick shifts may wear out because of bad maintenance. These worn parts can damage the other vehicle components. Hence, replace these parts with our used components. Install our used manual gearboxes in your Cadillac to increase its life span.

Most popular Cadillac used transmission models for SALE

Autochunks is the award-winning & leading transmission dealer in the USA. They deliver high-quality transmission in all available makes & models at the best prices. These gearboxes work with different fuel-type engines. Below, we have discussed some most popular Cadillac transmission models.

2007 cadillac escalade transmission


Cadillac Escalade is a luxury SUV that manufacturers in general motors. This vehicle offers high-tech & luxury features. Even it offers a fuel-efficient 3.0-liter turbo diesel inline-six engine. Powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine that results in 420 horsepower. Even it deactivates its cylinder to save fuel & perform better. It also comprises a standard 10-speed automatic transmission that offers rear or all-wheel-drive setups. This vehicle gains expensive cargo space with an elegant & high-tech cabin. The EPA-rated fuel economy is 15/20 mpg city /highway with RWD & 14/19 mpg with 4WD. This Escalade ESV also packs some new technology features that include Cadillac’s supercruise, semi-automated driving systems & a sharp-looking display.

But over time, Cadillac reported many problems related to transmission failure. Sometimes, the transmission offers extremely harsh shifts from 1 to 2 & 3-2-1 intermittently. There can be a slipping problem that occurs in that gearbox. It may damage your complete transmission. Even it may lead to the failure of other vehicle components. In that situation, you need to replace your damaged transmission with our used Cadillac escalade transmission. As the new escalade transmissions are more expensive than the used one.


OptionsAT AWD
Transmission speed6 speed

2005 Cadillac CTS transmission


Cadillac CTS is an executive car that manufacturers of general motors. It comprises a 335 horsepower 3.6L V6 engine that features cylinder deactivation & stops/start technology to save fuel. The CTS offers the rear seat passenger space, power train refinement, onboard Wi-Fi hotspot & edgy exterior style. Powered with high-performance twin-turbo V-6 available with the 268-hp turbocharged four-cylinder transmission. The CTS is one of the dynamic sedans that offers luxury & high-tech features. In CTS, you will find a smooth-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission. It had upgraded performance seats & Recaro performance seats with ultra-bright machine-finished alloy wheels.

But sometimes, the transmission gains some issues such as transmission slipping, hard shifting, low transmission fluid level & many more. It may also lead to the failure of the torque converter. Thus, you need to replace the damaged transmission with another one. Replacing the worn parts with brand additional parts becomes more expensive. Hence, choose used components at a low cost. We deliver the high-quality used Cadillac CTS transmission with a warranty in the USA.


OptionsAT 3.6L
Transmission code5L40-E
Transmission speed5 speed

2008 CADILLAC XLR Automatic Transmission


Cadillac XLR is a rear-drive two-passenger roadster that manufactures by Cadillac manufacturers. It has a chassis structure & composite plastic body panels. This Cadillac has a suspension tuned for luxury-grade rides & a different V8 engine. The interior is luxuriously appointed but not as well built as the European cars. It is a performance-oriented, supercharged XLR-V, a vehicle with magnetic ride control. The XLR comprises automatic 6-speed transmission with a 4.6L V8 engine.

But this transmission can wear out quickly because of bad type maintenance. Poor maintenance & servicing can damage your vehicle parts. It may affect the engine’s components. Early fixing of transmission issues can prevent complete transmission failure. But ignoring these issues may lead to transmission damage. Thus replace the damaged transmission & install our used Cadillac XLR transmission to get back your vehicle on the road.


Transmission typeAutomatic
Transmission speed6 speed

2007 Cadillac DTS Automatic Transmission


Cadillac DTS is one of the full-size luxury sedans manufactures by general motors. It features a 300 hp version of Deville’s 4.6 liters Northstar V-8 & stiffer suspension tuning. This highly ranked DTS offers a spacious interior, a comfortable & potent V8 engine. Powered with a 4.6 liter Northstar V8 that results ranging from 275 hp to 291 hp for different trim levels. Even it has a popular hearse & limousine with coachbuilder chassis. It builds with a 4-speed automatic transmission with FWD.

After some miles, you may observe that your Cadillac owns some transmission issues. Your vehicle may have a sudden loss of power & a drastic reduction in speed. These issues might occur because of transmission failure. Now, if your transmission is not working, it is a very serious problem. This problem gets worse in a short time. Thus, you have to replace it quickly.


Transmission speed4 speed
Transmission code4T80-E

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At Autochunks, our service center repair technicians are certified to fix every aspect of your vehicle. Here, we also deliver high-quality OEM allowed Cadillac components. Our primary goal is to offer the best services available at affordable prices. We provide Cadillac transmission for both the domestic & import vehicles of all makes & models. Here you can easily find the best quality transmission as quick, simple & stress-free as possible. You just need to fill the form & select your compatible Cadillac transmission model. Through this form, you can get the complete information of the transmission such as prices & specifications.

We care about your time, your family, your budget & your safety. Thus, we provide the best transmission replacement experience with no stress. Apart from this, we also provide some additional services, that are:

  • 36,000-mile nationwide warranty.
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection.
  • ASE certified technicians ensure the quality.
  • High-quality products at low cost.

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