Used Austin Transmission- Manual & Automatic

Used Austin Transmission

Austin is one of the specialized British manufacturing companies of motor vehicles. This company manufactures compact cars, small family cars, large family cars, large cars, limousines, landaulets, & sports cars. Even it has been manufactured military vehicles & commercial vehicles. It is a reliable company that uses high-quality products while manufacturing the vehicle. But over time, transmissions may wear out quickly. Thus you need to replace these transfer cases. Now, if you are searching for used transmission at a low cost, then your search might end here. We deliver high-quality used Austin transmission at a low cost. Here you will get the top-rated products with a standard warranty.

Replacement can discover your old car as new. It may also save you money & time. Buying used transmission is more effective than buying a new transmission. As the new transmission is more costly. At AutoChunks, we provide ASE-certified transmission in all available makes & models. We provide fine-tuned transmission services for domestic & imported vehicles – from hybrids to diesel.

Used Austin Transmission for sale

Transmission is a medium that transmits the speed & torque from rotating power to wheels. This transmission helps to move your vehicle. But on occurring a transmission issue, your vehicle can’t drivable. A faulty transmission may need a part repair, but if the issue is more complex, then you need a transmission replacement. We know that dealing with a transmission problem can be overwhelming sometimes. When it comes to your vehicle, you need to always choose the branded auto parts from a trusted organization. AutoChunks is one of the top-of-the-line services providers. We provide the diagnostic tested products at cheap rates. Our offered prices for used components are more affordable & minimal.

used austin transmission

We ensure the best craftsmanship & customer service. Even we take pride in our work & back our replacements with applicable warranties. Our transmission keeps your car on the road as long as possible. We work hard to keep customers satisfied & prices to be more affordable. It doesn’t matter which transmission you have. We offer both types of transmission services in the USA. Our transmission service is more durable & reliable. Below, we have discussed the manual & automatic transmission of Austin.


  • It offers excellent performance & speed
  • We have replaced all the worn parts while testing the used transmission.
  • These gearboxes enhance & meet the OEM specifications.
  • Our transmissions are more affordable than the new ones.
  • This transmission offers easy installation.

Automatic transmission

In an automatic transmission, the driver shifts gears automatically to optimize the driving & change the gear. The shifting of gears is based on the driver’s throttle pedal, vehicle speed, engine speed & vehicle load. Unlike the manual transmission, there is no need for clutch engage & disengage in automatic transmission. But the automatic transmission is more expensive, as they build through complex components. Because of this, it wears out quickly.
In that situation, you need to replace your transmission. It is more beneficial to buy used components rather than occupy the new one. Here we deliver the best quality used automatic transmission for Austin at cheap rates. We have a wide stock of used components for all different brands.

Manual transmission

Manual transmission requires a clutch pedal to manually shift the gears based on speed. It comprises two to eight gears. Typically, manual gearboxes do not require routine maintenance like an automatic transmission. Even this stick shift ensures the safety & longer lifespan of your vehicle. The Clutch is the principal component in manual gearboxes. It helps to engage & disengage the gear. The clutch requires high maintenance & servicing. Otherwise, it may be damaged quickly. Thus, at Autochunks, you may replace your transmission with our used manual transmission. These transmissions are less expensive & do not require high maintenance.

Various models of used Austin transmission

AutoChunks offers a huge inventory of transmission in all available makes & models. We deliver different types of transmission models for different fuel-type engines. Some of the popular models are listed below.

Austin Healey 100 BN1 Overdrive Transmission


Austin Healey is a British sports car that establishes in 1952. Different models manufactured under Austin Healey are Austin Healey 100, Austin Healey 100-6, Austin Healey 3000 & Austin Healey Sprite. It comprises 3 speed (BN1 series) or 4 speed(series BN2) manual. In this model, the power is transmitted to the road by rear-wheel-drive, i.e., RWD. The maximum torque produced by Austin is 224.0 Nm or 165 lb. ft @ 5250 rpm with 4-speed manual gear. Austin Healey offers 3 or 4-speed transmission improved front wheel bearings, wheel hubs & brakes. These transmissions can enhance reliability & maintainability.

At Autochunks, we have a wide selection of inventory that allows us to meet your vehicle’s requirements. Here you will the top branded & rated transmissions for your vehicle at a low cost. These gearboxes easily fit into your car & enhance its quality & reliability.


Options2.7 L
Transmission speed4 speed
Front suspensionIndependent coils spring
Rear suspensionLeaf spring, live axle

Austin Healey Sprite/MG Midget Transmission

austin healey sprite transmission

Austin Healey sprite is a sports car that manufacturers in the united kingdom. It comprises 3 speed & reverses gearbox that bolts to the back of the engine. Generally, this transmission is more reliable. In this transmission, the braking arrangements & shock absorbers do not need to be altered. Sprite would be the world’s first high-volume unibody sports car. It has won many class victories includes Sebring & Le Mans. It has a racing-style headrest behind the driver’s seat.


ModelHealey Sprite
DrivetrainFront-engine, rear-wheel drive
Transmission speed4-speed
Transmission typeManual
OptionsInline-4 cylinder

Other Austin models

  • Austin Healey 3000 transmission
  • Austin Healey sprite transmission
  • Austin tx transmission
  • Austin champ transmission
  • Austin 1800 transmission
  • Austin a35 transmission
  • Austin marina automatic transmission
  • Austin hikes transmission

Why Choose us

Autochunks is one of the fastest-growing & most respected names in the transmission industry. We deliver the certified & proper diagnosed transmission. Our highly trained & certified teams fix all the transmission issues while testing the used gearboxes. We have a knowledgeable team of mechanics that delivers a high level of professionalism. Below we have listed some services, that are:

  • Transparency
  • Honest services
  • Integrity
  • Reliable service
  • High-quality products are offered at a low cost.
  • Offered standard warranty

Visit our website for quality Austin transmission replacement service at a great experience. To get more inquiries about transmission replacement, you can contact us through call, email & online customer support. Our friendly & reliable customer support team happily provides the best solutions to your query. We provide 24-hour towing, with 24/7 dispatch.