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Used BMW X5 Engine

Buy these used engines with low prices & low mileage from us. Usually, some people didn’t afford the new engines, hence we offer the best quality used engines for sale online at low cost. These used engines are more reliable & durable than the new ones. This preowned motor easily runs throughout the year without any issue.

Quality Used BMW X5 Engine Prices For USA

BMW X5 is a luxury midsize SUV. It has a spacious stylish cabin with two rows of roomy seats. It offers some folding capabilities, premium comfort options & the best tech features. This BMW X5 engine has many engine versions. It offers strong acceleration & runs faster. Now if you looking for an x5 engine replacement, you should choose a trustworthy site.

There are over 10000 salvage yards in the USA. But we can’t trust all of them. We would only recommend those sites that provide the VIN of the engine. Autochunks is a leading & trusted auto parts dealer in the USA. Here, you can save a lot of money on buying used engines. The condition of our BMW engines is chained to their mileage & history. We offer the exclusive BMW branded high-performance, low-cost effective X5 engines with excellent service. These engines come with top gear components & tested to ensure quality & trust. Our highly skilled & experienced engineers check every used BMW x5 engine in detail. Here you can find the right fit for your BMW without any hassles.

BMW X5 used engine year wise inventory

BMW has various varieties of vehicles in stock & waiting for you!! Buy the high-quality BMW X5 car engines from a salvage yard that sources the engine! Our inventory includes various BMW x5 engines year-wise.

2018 BMW X5 Used Engines

Get the best deals on the 2018 used BMW x5 engines at cheap rates. Get free shipping on many items & browse your favorite item. This BMW x5 engine has a slightly above-average predicted reliability rating is around 3.5 out of five. Save more on reliable used motors with us & contact now to buy these products.

2018 BMW X5 Engines
source URL:
DescriptionGas Engine
Fits2018 BMW X5
(turbo), 2.0L ( 40eX ), gasoline
Price Range$4,668 – $7,727

2017 BMW X5 Used Engines

Buy 2017 used BMW x5 engines from our reliable network. We have a huge inventory that comprises high-quality & low-mileage engine units. All our 2017 BMW x5 engines come with a standard & extended warranty. Shop now a high-quality engine at a low cost.

2017 BMW X5Engines
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DescriptionGas Engines
Fits2017 BMW X5
(turbo), 2.0L ( 40eX ), gasoline
Average Price$4,468.00

2015 BMW X5 Used Engines

2015 used BMW X5 engines available at the cheapest online prices. Compare the price quotes from the top-rated USA engine specialists. Get the best deal online on completely tested used engines with a standard warranty. Contact our team to buy a high-quality product.

2015 BMW X5 Engines
Engine sizes4.4L V8 GAS; 3.0L L6 DIESEL; 3.0L L6 GAS
DescriptionGas Engine
Fits3.0L, gasoline (turbo)
Mileage71K miles
Average Prices$7434.00

2012 BMW X5 Used Engines

Are there is any obvious BMW X5 engine problem in the 2012 BMW X5 car? Have a look at our 2012 used BMW x5 engine. Replace the damaged engine with our used one & get the best price quotes. Check our wide range of engines available for different types of fuel.

2012 BMW X5 Used Engines
source URL:
Engine Sizes3.0L L6 DIESEL; 4.4L V8 GAS; 3.0L L6 GAS
DescriptionGas Engine
Fits4.4L (twin-turbo)
Mileage157K miles
Average Price$6357.20

Other BMW year-wise engines:

  • 2019 BMW X5
  • 2016 BMW X5
  • 2014 BMW X5
  • 2013 BMW X5
  • 2011 BMW X5
  • 2010 BMW X5
  • 2009 BMW X5
  • 2008 BMW X5
  • 2007 BMW X5
  • 2006 BMW X5
  • 2005 BMW X5
  • 2004 BMW X5
  • 2003 BMW X5
  • 2002 BMW X5
  • 2001 BMW X5
  • 2000 BMW X5

Find Your BMW X5 Engine By Size

  • BMW X5 2.0 Engine
  • BMW X5 3.0 Engine
  • BMW X5 4.4 Engine
  • BMW X5 4.6 Engine
  • BMW X5 4.8 Engine

Various diesel & Petrol engine codes

Buying a used BMW X5 engine online becomes easier as finding the engine at Here we offer a different range of petrol (gasoline) inline-6s, V8s & diesel engines at good prices. We also help you in finding any kind of used BMW X5 engines models.

Diesel Engines:

  • M57D30(306D1) X5 Engine
  • M57D30(306D2) X5 Engine
  • M57D30(306D3) X5 Engine
  • M57D30(306D5) X5 Engine
  • N47D20D X5 Engine
  • N57D30A X5 Engine
  • N57D30B X5 Engine
  • N57D30C X5 Engine

Petrol Engines:

  • M62B44(448S2) X5 Engine
  • M62B46(468S1) X5 Engine
  • N52B30A X5 Engine
  • N55B30A X5 Engine
  • N62B44 X5 Engine
  • N62B44A X5 Engine
  • N62B48A X5 Engine
  • N62B48B X5 Engine
  • N63B44A X5 Engine
  • N63B44B X5 Engine
  • S63B44A X5 Engine
  • S63B44B X5 Engine

Models of BMW X5 used engines

Autochunks is your number one destination to get premium quality engines at a low cost. We believe in providing more to our clients. Choose the right fitment for your BMW from the different models that are listed below:

BMW 3.0 d Engine

Once BMW 3.0 I engine stops working, then you should replace it with our used BMW 3.0 I engine. Get in touch now for a complete solution to your BMW engine fitting needs. We also offer the best engine delivery services at the lowest prices across the USA.

used bmw x5 3.0 d engine
Year Range2007 – 2008
Engine FuelDiesel
Engine Valves24
Engine LayoutStraight
Engine Size3.0
Engine Power KiloWatt173 kW
Engine CodeM57D30(306D3)
Engine ChargeTurbo/Intercooler
Engine Cylinders6
Engine Horse Power235 HP
Engine Actual CC2993 cc

BMW X5 M Petrol (2009 – 2016) S63 B44 A Engine

Choose our used BMW X5M Engines at great prices for your BMW. Buy now these engines from top-rated salvage yards & choose the right fitment for your car. We deliver Low maintenance, great performance & low mileage engine units.

Engine FuelPetrol
Engine Actual CC4395 cc
Engine Horse Power555 HP
Engine Fuel SupplyDirect injection
Engine Cylinders8
Engine Power KiloWatt408 kW
Engine CodeS63B44A
Engine LayoutV
Engine Valves32
Engine ChargeTurbo/Intercooler
Engine Size4.4

BMW X5 4.8 I XDrive Petrol (2007 – 2008) N62 B48 B Engine

Get detailed specs & features for the used BMW X5 xDrive48i engine including its horsepower, engine capacity, engine size & many more. Book your order now & get the best used BMW x5 engine prices. We also deliver doorstep delivery.

bmw X5 xDrive engine
Engine FuelPetrol
Engine Actual CC4799 cc
Engine Horse Power355 HP
Engine Fuel SupplyIntake Manifold Injection
Engine Power KiloWatt261 kW
Engine ChargeNaturally Aspirated Engine
Engine Valves32
Engine LayoutV
Engine Size4.8
Engine Cylinders8
Engine CodeN62B48B

BMW X5 SDrive 25 D Diesel (2013 – 2016) N47 D20 D Engine

Searching for the used BMW x5 SDrive 25 D engine for sale Nationwide? Analyze our used engines with low miles & the best prices. Find the affordable used motor for your BMW X5 SDrive car. Contact our team for getting more information.

BMW X5 SDrive engine
Engine FuelDiesel
Engine Actual CC1955 cc
Engine Horse Power218 HP
Engine Fuel SupplyDirect Injection
Engine codeN47D20D
Engine Valves16
Engine Power KiloWatt160 kW
Engine ChargeExhaust Turbo Charger
Engine LayoutStraight
Engine Size2.0
Engine Cylinders4

Other BMW X5 engines models

  • BMW 3.0 sd Engine
  • BMW 3.0 si Engine
  • BMW 4.4 I Engine
  • BMW 4.6 is Engine
  • BMW xDrive 35 I Engine
  • BMW 4.8 I xDrive Engine
  • BMW 4.8 is Engine
  • BMW M 50 d Engine
  • BMW sDrive 25 d Engine
  • BMW xDrive 40 d Engine
  • BMW xDrive 25 d Engine
  • BMW xDrive 30 d Engine
  • BMW xDrive 30 I Engine
  • BMW xDrive 35 d Engine
  • BMW xDrive 48 I Engine

Warranty on used BMW X5 engine

Autochunks offer a free standard warranty on all used BMW x5 engines. As we know it is hard to find supreme quality engines at a low cost with a warranty. Hence, here you can easily find the compatible engine for your BMW at cheap rates & if you didn’t find the right fit, feel free to contact our customer support team. The exact period of warranty quoted by our trusted suppliers when you compare the prices. Also, the given duration of the warranty is longer. These engines are more superior type of replacement & more expensive, hence we have extended the warranty period.

Why choose us

Autochunks is one of the leading wholesalers of used engines at a low cost in the USA. We make the quality & performance of our engines so that the customers didn’t face any issue. All these engines are reliable & durable. Here you can get the best BMW x5 engine replacement cost for your BMW x5 engine.

  • Low prices with a warranty on used BMW engines: Here we offer great offers on used engines at cheap rates with an extended warranty. Also, we don’t apply any extra charge for shipping the used motors.
  • Shipping services: We offer a wide range of BMW X5 engines for sale with a standard warranty. Here we also offer the best shipping services i.e, we ship your engine at any place in the USA. Also, we provide doorstep delivery.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: We also offer 24/7 customer support for you. Hence feel free to contact us & make more inquiries about the used engines.

To get more information about used BMW engines prices, you can contact us through call & email. If you fill out the contact form, then our team deliberately contacts you & provides the best solution for your query. Buy the best quality used BMW x5 engines from us at discount prices.