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Looking for used BMW i8 engines for sale? You have landed on the right page. Here we have covered everything for you! We offer the best quality used engines in all available BMW models & years in the USA. Here, we also provide the best deals on different types of car engines (petrol & diesel) at cheap prices. We have a huge inventory of ready-to-install engines. Call our mechanics to find the compatible engine for your BMW i8.

BMW i8 vehicle – Most Progressive sports car

BMW i8 is a masterpiece sports car that designs for better performance & efficiency. Powered with a three-cylinder engine that does not make any engine ticking sound. This car featured an electric drivetrain that results in 15 miles of all-electric range. The car takes 4.4 seconds or 4.6 in the roadster to cross the 0-62mph speed. And its instant torque feels faster in the real world. It has a standard six-speed automatic transmission. This car comes with an all-wheel-drive concept combined with the twin power turbo technology.

This sports car generates 369 horsepower with a hybrid powertrain. It is relatively quick & offers 18 miles EPA estimates of all-electric range. Some of the tech features include driver-adjustable suspension & 20-inch wheels. Furthermore, it provides a surround-view parking system with front & rear parking sensors. It has power-adjustable front seats & Dual-zone automatic climate control. It also offers some tech features like head-up driver display, iDrive infotainment system with navigation & 8.8-inch screen, satellite & HD radio, Apple CarPlay & BMW apps.

What engine does the BMW i8 use?

The BMW i8 uses two unique engines, in order to provide high performance, functionality, efficiency & smooth driving. Two unique engines i.e, the combustion engine & the hybrid-electric engine are respectively located at the front & back of the i8. In the front, the electric motor transfers its power to the front wheels via a two-stage automatic transmission. And in the back, the gasoline engine transfers via 6 speed automatic transmission. This combination helps in enhancing efficiency & power.

Why does my BMW i8 engine need to be replaced?

The BMW i8 is an all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid sports car in the roadster & coupe version. But they address more problems such as fuel leaks and faulty sensors. It can even address a possible airbag problem. These problems may lead to a serious issue that causes the most expensive repair & replacement. Its engine offers superb performance but sometimes, it’s expected when you start your BMW i8 & your engine is unable to start. It does not get the electric current & power. Hence, your BMW i8 may require an engine replacement.

On any kind of engine failure, you should always choose the replacement. A replacement is an effective method that helps in discovering your vehicle as new & improving its performance. And it is cost-effective too. Instead of choosing the new engines, you can choose our used engines for your BMW i8. The new engines are most costly & less compatible with your used BMW vehicle. Thus install our used BMW engine at low cost in your sports car.

Available BMW i8 Engine for SALE!

You can find various BMW i8 engines for different models & years. Get complete inquiry on each & every year engine’s specifications. Below we have discussed each model engine with its specifications.

2014 BMW I8 Engine

2014 bmw i8 vehicle

Autochunks offer the best range of BMW i8 engines at affordable prices in the USA. We deliver the used engines that are replaced by the used car. This engine was removed from the 2014 BMW i8, an ultra-efficient sport coupe. This car has a single electric motor rated at 96 kilowatts & 180 lb-ft of torque that powers the front wheels. At the rear, it comprises a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that is rated at 231 hp & 236 lb-ft of torque. Get a look at the price & specifications of the 2014 BMW i8 engine. And contact us today for buying these affordable engines. Book your order now.


2014 bmw i8 engine
Engine typeIntercooled Turbo Gas/Electric I-3, 1.5L
Torque @RPM420
Fuel SystemGasoline Direct Injection
Horsepower357 @ 5800
Fuel Economy EstCombined (MPG): 28
EPA MPG EquivalentCombined: 76
Fuel tank Capacity:11.1 gals

2015 BMW I8 Engines

2015 bmw i8 car

We have a huge inventory that comprises the different model years engines at affordable prices. Our engines bring multiple advantages that benefit your vehicle’s functioning & bottom line. These engines are specifically designed for high utilization & great for true aviators who value liberty & choice. Get an inquiry on the used 2015 BMW i8 engine to power up your vehicle’s unparalleled fuel efficiency. Our motors offer a great ride & better handling balance with a strong powertrain. Contact us today for getting more inquiries on the used BMW i8 engines. Buy now these used engines at affordable prices.


2015 bmw i8 engine
Engine name3 cylinder turbo 1.5 L
Horsepower357@ 5,800
Standard MPG28/29
Engine size1.5
Torque420 @ 3,700
Number of cylinders3
Engine typegas/electric

2016 BMW I8 Engine

The 2016 BMW i8 is an amazing & comfortable spot sedan. It comprises a three-cylinder hybrid that EPA attaches 28- & 29-mpg respectively city & highway ratings. This i8 has three sources of power i.e, a mid-mounted 228 hp turbo inline-three & second, AC motor. Third, a stronger 129 hp AC motor upfront weighed 3484 pounds. This i8 engine generates 72 decibels of noise at 70 mph which is 4 decibels quieter than the corvette grand sport. We are offering these affordable engines with an extended warranty. We have a limited number of products at discount prices. Shop now & book your order for instant delivery. Hurry up!!


2016 bmw i8 engines
Engine typeHybrid
Engine size1.5L
Cam-typeDouble overhead cam(DOHC)
CylindersInline -3
Horsepower357 hp @ n/a rpm
Torque420 lb-ft @ n/a rpm
Turning circle40.4 ft.
Valve timingvariable

2017 BMW I8 Engines

Replaced from a 2017 BMW i8 that is a new protonic red model with red paint, carbon fiber interior trim & a ceramic look shifter. This i8 mate with a turbocharged 1.5L three-cylinder gas engine with a 7.1 kWh battery pack. This engine is powered by a six-speed automatic transmission that results in 357 hp & 420 lb-ft. Our organization is a trusted dealer & wholesale trader of used BMW engines at cheap rates. Fill up the contact form to get more details about the range of car engines for different brands.
After a certain limit, every vehicle part requires a replacement. The engine plays a vital role in moving your vehicle. When it comes to engine replacement, you should choose the used one. For your 2017 BMW i8 vehicle, our used BMW i8 engines are the best.


2017 bmw i8 engines
Engine1.5L 6AT
Displacement1499 cm3
Power266 KW@RPM, 362 HP@RPM & 357 BHP@RPM
Torque420 lb-ft @ RPM, 569 Nm @ RPM
Fuel systemTurbocharged Direct Injection
Cylinder configurationIn-Line
Engine size1.5
Engine typeGas/Electric

2018 BMW I8 Engines

For 2018, the BMW i8 offers a blend of style, performance & economy. It is a unique proposition in the luxury sports car market. This BMW model comes with an open-top variant to the line-up for more options to choose from. Its unique look distinguishes it from all other cars. The unique features such as its carbon-fiber chassis, butterfly doors & aerodynamics swoops & buttress make it a glorious sports car. The main update is to the i8 i.e, increases the battery capacity up to 11.6 kWh increases the electric range by 4 miles & the peak power by 12 hp. BMW also introduced tear world copper as new interior trim & ceramic controls.


2018 bmw i8 engines
Engine typeturbocharged petrol
Cylindersstraight 3
Capacity1.5 L, 1499 cc [91.475 cu in]
Box stroke82×94.6 mm (3.23 x 3.72 in)
Maximum power output231 PS [228 bhp] [170 kW] at 5800 rpm
Specific output152.1 bhp/litre, 2.49 bhp/cu in
Maximum Torque320 Nm (236 Ft·lb) (32.6 Kgm) At 3700 Rpm
Specific Torque:213.48 Nm/Litre @ 2.58 Ft·lb/Cu3
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Maximum System Output362.0 Ps

2019 BMW I8 Engines

The 2019 BMW i8 is available as a roadster with a folding soft-top & two-seat arrangement in the coupe. The BMW i8 model comes with a tweaked plug-in powertrain to generate 12 extra powertrains & an estimated three extra miles of EV range. This i8 uses the small turbo-3 & electric motor to make 369 hp combined. It is impressively equipped with leather seats, an 8.8-inch touchscreen & 20-inch wheels. When its battery depleted 11.6 kWh then the i8 results 27 mpg according to EPA. This impressive efficiency among six-figure exotics makes it glorious among other electric cars.


2019 bmw i8 engines
EngineIntercooled Turbo Gas/Electric I-3, 1.5 L
Engine typeHybrid
Fuel Economy Est-Combined (MPG)27
EPA MPG Equivalent – Combined69
Estimated Battery Range (mi)18
Combined power369 hp
Combined torque420 lb·ft

2020 BMW I8 Engines

The 2020 BMW i8 engine is a hybrid sports car with electricity performance-enhancing qualities. It provides a show-stopping entrance with dihedral doors. Also, its plug-in powertrain is more powerful & quicker than lesser hybrids. This 2020 BMW i8 is available with a single trim level with 2+2 seating features. Powered with a turbocharged 1.5L three-cylinder engine & a six-speed automatic transmission that powers the roadside wheels. It has BMW’s iDrive infotainment system with navigation & an 8.8-inch screen & a head-up driver display. Some other options such as laser & LED headlights, unique bi-color alloy wheels & unique upholstery & interior trim packages.


2020 bmw i8 engines
Engine TypeSpark-Ignition 4 Stroke
Fuel TypeGasoline/Electric Power- PHEV Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Valves Per Cylinder4
Cylinders AlignmentLine 3
Displacement1499 Cm3 / 91.4 Cui
Stroke94.6 Mm / 3.72 In
Compression Ratio9.5: 1
Torque Net570 Nm / 420 Ft-Lb/ 3700
Horsepower Net275 kW / 374 Ps / 369 Hp (Ece)/ 5800
Voltage355 V

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